2024 Kansas Hunting Season Dates & Bags Guide!

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter after trophy whitetails or a first-timer after pheasants, 2024 provides a variety of hunting experiences throughout the state’s different landscapes. Kansas attracts experienced and novice outdoor enthusiasts with its wide plains, beautiful woods, flowing rivers, and wetlands. Before entering the field, be sure you’re informed. From specific dates and bag restrictions to safety and enjoyment advice, this guide will help you navigate Kansas’s 2024 hunting seasons.

Kansas Hunting Season Dates


ActivityDate Range
Archery (except Fort Riley, which has extended seasons)September 15 – January 31
FirearmNovember 12-13
 November 19-20
 November 24-27
 December 3-4
 December 10-11
Extended Firearm Whitetail (Antlerless-Only)January 1-22
Extended Archery Whitetail (Antlerless-Only)January 23-31

Other Big Games

ElkArcherySeptember 15-January 31 
 FirearmNovember 5-10Either Sex: Unit 1; Antlerless Only: Units 2, 3, and 4
AntelopeStatewide MuzzleloaderOctober 21-26Statewide
 Late SeasonDecember 9-14Unit 1 only
PronghornPrivate Land ArcherySeptember 15-January 31Private Land Only
 Private Land FirearmNovember 5-10Private Land Only
 Public Land ArcheryOctober 1-12Unit 1
 Public Land FirearmNovember 5-10Unit 1


Youth & Disability1-Apr – 16-Apr
Archery8-Apr – 16-Apr
Regular17-Apr – 31-May

Migratory & Waterfowl Birds

Teal Season16-Sep – 24-Sep
Youth Duck Season (17 and younger)30-Sep – 01-Oct
Regular Duck Season07-Oct – 31-Dec, 19-Jan – 28-Jan
Canada Goose Season28-Oct – 29-Oct, 01-Nov – 11-Feb
Sandhill Crane Season15-Nov – 16-Jan
Snipe, Rail, and Woodcock Season01-Sep – 27-Nov

Upland Games

PheasantRegular SeasonNovember 11 – January 31
 Youth SeasonNovember 4-5
 Fort Riley Youth HuntOctober 28-29
QuailRegular SeasonNovember 11 – January 31
Prairie ChickenPublic LandSeptember 15 – January 31
 Private LandOctober 15 – January 31
GrousePublic LandNovember 1 – January 31
 Private LandOctober 1 – January 31
Cottontail RabbitOpen SeasonYear-round
JackrabbitOpen SeasonYear-round
Snowshoe HareNo Open SeasonN/A


Season TypeDatesZoneDaily Bag LimitPossession Limit
SquirrelJune 1 – February 29Statewide520


MuskratStatewideNovember 1 – April 15
RaccoonStatewideAugust 15 – January 31
 Late Season Raccoon (North Zone Only)February 1 – March 15
BadgerStatewide TrappingNovember 1 – April 15
 Statewide HuntingSeptember 15 – January 31
OpossumStatewideNo Closed Season
BeaverStatewide TrappingNovember 1 – March 31
 Statewide Hunting (East Zone Only)November 1 – January 31
 Statewide Hunting (West Zone Only)November 15 – January 31
Fox (Gray & Red)Statewide HuntingNovember 1 – January 31
 Statewide TrappingNovember 1 – March 31
SkunkStatewide TrappingNovember 1 – March 31
 Statewide HuntingSeptember 15 – January 31
CoyoteNo Closed SeasonYear-round
WeaselNo Closed SeasonYear-round

Bag Limits

SpeciesBag Limits (Per Day/Season)
Whitetail Buck1 (per permit)
Whitetail Antlerless1 (included with buck permit)
Extended Firearm Antlerless-Only1 (per permit)
Extended Archery Antlerless-Only2 (per permit)
 1 bull or cow (per permit)
 1 bull or cow (per permit)
Public Land Archery1 buck or doe (per permit)
Public Land Firearm1 buck or doe (per permit)
Private Land (Any Season)2 bucks or does (per permit)
Statewide Muzzleloader1 buck or doe (per permit)
Late Season1 doe (per permit)
Pheasant4 cocks (per day)
Quail10 (per day)
Prairie Chicken (Public Land)2 male or female (per day)
Prairie Chicken (Private Land)No bag limit
Grouse (Public Land)2 male or female (per day)
Grouse (Private Land)No bag limit
Cottontail RabbitNo bag limit
JackrabbitNo bag limit
Duck6 (may include specific limits for mallards, wood ducks, redheads, canvasbacks, scaup, pintail)
Goose (Dark Geese)5 per day (including Canada, Brant, White-fronted, Snow Geese)
Goose (Light Geese)20 per day (including Blue, Snow, Ross’s Geese)
White-fronted Geese2 per day
MuskratNo bag or possession limit
RaccoonNo bag or possession limit
Badger (Hunting)5 per day
Badger (Trapping)No bag or possession limit
OpossumNo bag or possession limit
Beaver (Hunting – East Zone)No bag or possession limit
Beaver (Hunting – West Zone)No bag or possession limit
Beaver (Trapping)No bag or possession limit
Fox (Gray & Red)2 per day
Skunk (Hunting)5 per day
Skunk (Trapping)No bag or possession limit
CoyoteNo bag or possession limit
WeaselNo bag or possession limit
Squirrel5 per day, 20 in possession Top of Form Bottom of Form

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